Jim Marter for Congress Questions Underwood's Association with R.I. Democrat with ties to Jeffrey Epstein

OSWEGO, IL, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Jim Marter, Republican Nominee for US Congress in Illinois’ 14th District, has questions about opponent’s attendance at controversial Congressmen’s event, who the press has reported, has family ties to convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. 

"My opponent, Congresswoman Underwood is trekking all the way to Rhode Island for a lunch with her host, Seth Magaziner. My question is an obvious one, 'Why not have lunch with the people of the 14th District?' Instead, her East Coast host's voting record has a lot in common with hers: Both support taxpayer-funded abortion, climate change driven energy policies and mandatory vaccinations. This doesn’t represent our district or even mainstream America,” said Marter.

Marter’s campaign promises a “return to representation” for the district and for the American People, announcing the “Era of Elitism is over.”

“The Era of Elitism must end,” said Marter. "My priority is the American Citizen, not the American politician, the Globalist socialist, or the Hollywood elitist.”

“Marter for Congress also has a record. My policies are clear and found on my website, www.Marter4Congress.us. I stand for ending the border crisis, enforcing our laws, restore the economy and protecting ourselves from global threats and terrorism. I stand against the Pro-Hamas onslaught of anti-Semitism which has no place in our district or anywhere." 

“I say, we must support freedom and make the American Dream attainable again for the next generation. I urge voters to check my opponent's voting record and see how it conflicts with these goals."

Jim Marter is the 2024 Republican Nominee for US Congress (IL-14) to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. More information about his campaign, his stances on the issues and ways to get involved, may be found at www.marter4congress.us.

For interviews, contact press@marter4congress.us.

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